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Envoy Tours presents

Custom Thailand:
A journey just for you

Envoy has been serving satisfied customers to Thailand since the early 1980's. We know our way around the cities and the countryside. We can arrange escorted tours or private cars and drivers for your traveling pleasure.

Sample Escorted Tour Itinerary

6-Day All-Around Thailand Tour US$620.00 per person, double occupancy
Travel by air conditioned motor coach
  • Visit the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai
  • View the wonders of ancient pagodas, temples, statuary, and other works of art
  • Travel to the fabled Golden Triangle on the border of Laos
  • Peek across the border of Burma, closed to Americans
  • Speed up the Mekong River in a longtail boat
  • Journey to a Hill Tribe village
  • Overnight on a train back to Bangkok

Create Your won Itinerary

Here are a few Thai highlights to select from:

Take an elephant ride

Have you ever wanted to ride an elephant, but just didn't quite know how to go about arranging it? Well, Thailand might be the ticket for you. There are many unemployed elephants in Thailand since the government banned harvesting of teak and mahogany in the rain forests. The elephant's main job had been hauling logs out of the forest to the saw mills. To give these downsized elephants profitable work, enterprising Thais have set up exhibition areas, where the elephants take a bath and then show off their log-handling skills. After the show, you're welcome to climb aboard one of the beasts and sway around the property for awhile. For the truly hardy and physically fit, there are longer elephant safaris over rolling terrain in the hill tribe country.

Shop the Night Markets

But Thailand is much more than elephants. It's shopping! You can fill an extra suitcase with bargains from Bangkok. Shirts, blouses, sweaters, watches: find them all at the night markets in smaller cities and towns up north.

Enjoy the people

Take off for the countryside and visit the Hill Tribe people. Leave the ordinary world behind. And speaking of unique experiences, have you ever ridden in a long-tail boat? These remarkable watercraft are powered by automobile engines and steered with a long shaft. (Hence the name long-tail.) They can go like...well, pretty fast. Take a water tour of Bangkok, or better yet, see the primitive countryside along Thai rivers, where rice farmers skein for fish using methods dating back to the Stone Age.

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