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Cruises for Women

Olivia's 2003 Cruise Schedule

30th Anniversary Cruise
January 12-19, 2003
January 19-26, 2003
MS Maasdam
Itinerary: Ft. Lauderdale, Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas, Half Moon Cay, Ft. Lauderdale. Featuring entertainment by the Olivia stars.

Greece and Turkey
June 27-July 4, 2003
Stella Solaris
Itinerary: Athens, Rhodes, Ephessos, Istanbul, Greek islands

May 18-25, 2003
MS Veendam
Itinerary: Vancouver, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sittka, glaciers and fjords, Anchorage.

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 Olivia Club Med Vacations for Women 
Olivia takes over selected Club Meds to provide all-inclusive vacations for women.

April 27-May 4, 2002
Olivia Club Med Turkoise
Turks and Caicos islands (Caribbean)

November 29-December 6, 2002
Cancun Club Med

Cancun, Mexico

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What's it like to cruise on Olivia?

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Cruising With Olivia

"I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it...." The music sang over the loudspeakers, while hundreds of women gathered on the upper deck danced and toasted one another. The oceanliner slowly glided away from the dock. And soon we had left the Port of Miami and were sailing over the open sea, bound for exotic ports in the Caribbean.

Many women who have never experienced an Olivia cruise naturally ask: "What's it like?" So we went on an Olivia Cruise to find out the answers for ourselves. And it was more wonderful than we had ever imagined. The Olivia Cruise combined all the safe and comfortable feelings of a large women's gathering with the elegance and luxury of a deluxe vacation. It truly was a journey into paradise.

What kind of women go on an Olivia Cruise?

We found women of every size and shape. Women of every age. Women of every color, ethnic, and religious background. Women from Alaska, California, the Midwest, the East Coast, and Canada. Women from a wide range of jobs, professions, and avocations. We met, chiropractors and carpenters, teachers and truck drivers, keepers of small shops and workers in large companies, lawyers and law enforcement officers, pilots, doctors, and many retirees--every occupation imaginable.

Was it difficult to meet women and make new friends?

No, at all. The one thing everyone had in common was an extraordinary amount of friendliness. Women made a point of introducing themselves at the pool, at the snack bar, in the lounges, at the midnight buffet. In addition, there were gatherings for women of special interests. There were mixers for singles; there were daily meetings for women in 12-step programs. Mealtimes where also good for making new friends. You could sign up for dinner seating at large tables of up to eight people. At lunchtime, the waiters seated people randomly at tables with others, usually someone you had never met before.

What are the cabins like?

Olivia charters cruise ships from various companies and the cabins vary with the different ships. But, cabins on any real ship are not much like the cabins on the old Love Boat TV shows. Ship cabins tend to be fairly small, and the bathrooms are a wonder of space engineering. The better, larger cabins tend to be on the upper decks. There are also other variables in cabin quality: some are inside and others on the outside of the ship with a window or porthole. Some have twin beds side by side and others have bunk beds, one above the other. On an Olivia Cruise, the cabins with double beds tend to sell out first.

What is the food like?

Again, this varies by ship. One thing no ship lacks is food; if you so desire, you can eat up to eight meals a day! Sit-down breakfast and lunch is served at a set time; a cafeteria is open for late sleepers and those who want a less formal lunch. For dinner, on most ships there are two seatings, early and late. Everyone is assigned a permanent table at one of these seatings for dinner. In addition to the regular meals, there are snacks.

The quality of food on ships is generally excellent, although some lines have better food than others. On our Olivia Cruise, we were impressed to find a vegetarian menu available for all meals. We tried several of the vegetarian dishes and decided these were amoung the highlights of our dining experiences.

How did the staff treat the women?

The staff could not have been more pleasant or helpful. They were not at all phased by the presence of 600 lesbians. The staff, on occasion, even went out of their way to provide special events for Olivia passengers. They helped schedule gatherings for women of various interests and professions, such as chiropractors and osteopaths, and the captain presided over at least two union ceremonies of women pledging their love to each other.

Are the days at sea boring?

There is never a dull moment on board a ship. There are organized activities all day long as well as lots of ways for people to entertain themselves. The first organized activity of the day was aerobics class. In the sports category, there was skeet shooting (a favorite with the law enforcement officers), golf driving, and plenty of time to lift weights or cycle in the exercise room. There were also nonstop games--horse racing (with cardboard horses), Bingo, versions of the Dating Game and the Newly Weds--and dancing lessons. All of this was free.

For self amusement, the ship had a library, a card room for bridge players, deck chairs and swimming pool for soaking up sun, and regularly scheduled movies in the theater.

What is there to do at night?

The nightlife is even grander than the daylife. After dinner, the main show begins in the main lounge. Usually, this featured women's music by Olivia artists. There was also a singer in one of the smaller lounges, dancing in the disco, a movie, and gambling in the casino.

On special nights, such as the Captain's Dinner, there were special activities--a hosted cocktail party before each dinner seating and extra special entertainment for the main show.

What does one wear on an Olivia Cruise?

During the day, the dress is very casual--although all the women kept their clothes on. There was no nude sunbathing, because there were always male waiters and other crew around. Bathing suits, shorts and tee-shirts were the general rule. But the women dressed up in the evening for dinner. Some wore cocktail dresses; others, nice slacks and blouses. There was no overall dress code, but there were very few pairs of blue jeans in evidence at dinnertime.

There were two formal dinners, the Captain's Dinner and the Farewell Dinner. For these occasions, many women went all out with tuxedoes and even white ties and tails. But again, there was no general rule about dressing.

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