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Adventure in Borneo

You have not seen it all nor done it all until you have spent some time with the headhunters of Borneo. The journey begins with a flight to Kuala Lumpur, the high-rise-studded capital of Malaysia, which boasts the tallest buildings in the world. From there, you catch a flight to Kuching in Sarawak on the island of Borneo, an island shared by the nations of Malaysia and Indonesia.

From this point on, we recommend a private car and guide to maximize the pleasures of the experience and help to make it your own. You pack a change of clothes in a small bag and check the rest of your luggage at the hotel. Where you are going, there is no room for suitcases.

The guide picks you up at your Kuching hotel and drives you up-country to the river landing. Along the way, you may stop at one of the small farms where fresh pepper is grown. Take home a bag or two. But the real adventure begins at the river landing, where a long motor-driven canoe awaits you. The wooden craft is narrow and shallow. You step in and sit on a plank braced across the floor. The guide places your bag in the prow and signals to the man at the motor. Off you go, skimming the surface of the muddy water. Did we mention there are crocodiles in this river?

The canoe swings right into a smaller tributary. The dense jungle foliage closes in. The boat turns again into an even smaller stream. This is the heart of darkness, you think. But then you see the children. And the other canoes pulled up to the river bank. And there it is: the long house, traditional home of the native people. Your accommodations are in a replica of a long house across the stream. The rooms are small and clean and open to the jungle save for the tough screening that serves as the walls. You worry about how you will sleep in the hot humid night, but then the sky opens with a torrential downpour such as you have never seen before. You sit under the broad overhang on the long porch and just enjoy this spectacle of nature. It cools the air so that you have no problem sleeping at all.

But before bedtime, there are many adventures to experience: a jungle walk with a headhunter carrying a blowgun; an evening in the long house watching traditional dances, a dinner cooked just for you by your guide.....

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