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Envoy Travelogue: On Safari in Africa

Mention "African vacation" and the word "safari" comes to mind. The safari has long been regarded as the ultimate in exotic adventure. Today's safaris offer the best in creature comforts as you travel through game preserves viewing and photographing lions, hyenas, rhinos, giraffes, and elephants by day and spending the nights in luxurious tented camps.

An alternative way to view the animals is at such deluxe outposts as Mountain Lodge and Treetops in Kenya. These are lodges built near watering holes so that visitors can view the animals that come to drink by day and by night.

A curious giraffe
There are many types of safaris available in a fairly wide range of prices.

One of the things that impressed us most about being on a deluxe safari was the luxury created in the tented camps. We were traveling by plane from one isolated camp to another and when we arrived, they were anxious to know what we had had for dinner the night before. Why? So that they could out do the competition. The grandest meal served up to us was Beef Wellington cooked over hot rocks.

Our delight, of course, was viewing the wide range of animals from perches above watering holes at remote lodges or from our specially outfitted vehicles traversing the broad savannah. Bring lots of film!

Any trip to Africa requires immunizations. Please check with the Travel Immunization Center of local hospitals or with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga. 

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Photo: C.A. Marquard
Elephants drinking
Masai women of Kenya in native garb
Photo: C.A. Marquard
Sunset on the savannah
Photo: C.A. Marquard